We are supplying a wide variety of parts made of brittle materials for semiconductor material/device manufacturing equipment, which are manufactured with special processing techniques according to customers’ needs. We can handle from small to large volumes.

Types of Processing

Grinding, Polishing, Drilling, Spot facing, Processing of complex shapes

Alumina Parts

Especially, alumina parts processed with special techniques are widely used for such applications as follows.
Semiconductor material/device manufacturing-related fields, Arms of wafer transfer robot, Vacuum chuck stage, Protection/isolation tubes for thermocouples and so on

Examples of Processed Brittle Material Parts

Cylindrical Grinding : φ6 mm x φ2.6mm x L105.0 mm

Drilling of a hole
(φ2 x 90L mm)

Drilling of holes
(φ0.5 mm) extending radially from the center of the hollowed Dome toward the outer peripheral side.


Shape processing and drilling a hole (φ0.3 mm) at the center of the workpiece.

Alumina Parts