Wafers at Intermediate Stages

As the photovoltaic cell is diffused widely, its manufacturers are tackling the problem of increasing its energy conversion efficiency. To improve the energy conversion efficiency of the photovoltaic cell, it is essential to develop and improve materials used for fabricating it and manufacturing equipment used in its fabrication in addition to improvement on its fabrication process. In the process of development and improvement of materials and manufacturing equipment, various researches are made using the wafers at different intermediate stages in the fabrication of the photovoltaic cell. We are supplying wafers at various intermediate stages which are taken from different stages in the fabrication of the photovoltaic cell to customers who are involved in developing materials or manufacturing equipment for fabricating the photovoltaic cell. When wafers at an intermediate stage in fabrication are shipped, electrical characteristics data on the photovoltaic cells which have been fabricated from the same production lot wafers as the wafers at an intermediate stage in fabrication to be shipped is provided for customers’ reference.

Material External Dimensions Thickness Wafers at the following intermediate stages in fabrication are available. 
Singlecrystalline Silicon 125 x 125 mm 190 ± 15 μm
  • After texture-processing has been done.
  • After the P-N junction has been created.
  • After the an anti-reflection film has been created by the PECVD process.
  • A surface electrode has been created.
  • A rear surface electrode has been created.
Polycrystalline Silicon 156 x 156 mm 200 ± 30 μm

※If wafers in other intermediate stages are needed, please consult with us.

Textured wafer


Wafers with an anti-reflection film