Wafers with a Thin Film

We deal in silicon wafers with a high quality thin film of various materials, which are not easily available in Japan, at a low price.

They are manufactured by an overseas company specializing in thin film formation with which we have a tie-up. Also we offer a service of forming a thin-film of the material specified by customers on a consignment basis in cooperation with this company; for example, formation of Ta + Cu thin film on the consigned silicon wafers with an oxide film.)

Available thin film formation process: Thermal Oxidation, Metal Sputtering, Copper Plating, Vacuum Evaporation of Precious & Ferromagnetic Metals, Oxide Strip and Clean

Thermal Oxidation

Film thickness: 500 Å ~ 3.0 μm
Thickness uniformity: within ±5%
Wafer Size: 4"φ ~ 12"φ
Minimum order quantity: 50 pieces for 2"φ ~ 6"φwafers
25 pieces for 8"φ ~ 12"φwafers
Lead time: 3 weeks

Wafers with a Thin Film

Metal Sputtering

Film thickness: *Refractory metals; W, WN, WSi, Cr
 300 Å ~ 1,500 Å
*Refractory metals; Ta, TaN, Ti, TiN, TiW
 1,500 Å ~ 3,000 Å
*Conductive metals ; Cu, Al, Al-Cu(1%), Al-Si(1%),
 500 Å ~ 5,000 Å, Cu Only; 5,000 Å ~ 15,000 Å
 Vacuum evaporation is recommended for Al & Al Alloys
 thicker than 5,000 Å.
*Dielectric Films; SiC, TiO2, Cr2O3
 200 Å ~ 1,500 Å
Wafer size: 4"φ ~ 12"φ wafers
Minimum order quantity: 25 pieces
Lead time: 3 weeks

Copper Plating

Plating thickness: 1.5μm (typical), 300 Å~10 μm according to customer', request
Wafer size: 8"φ and 12"φ only
Minimum order quantity: 25 pieces
Lead time: 4 weeks

Example of copper plating process:
1st layer – Creation of a thermal oxide layer of 3,000 Å
2nd layer – Creation of a Ta or a TaN layer of 300 Å ~ 500 Å
3rd layer – Creation of a Cu seed layer of 1,500 Å
4th layer – Copper plating


Wafers with a Thin Film

Vacuum Evaporation

Metals: Pt, Ru, Pd, Au, Ag, Co, Ni, Ti, Al, Al alloys, Si, NiSi and Cu
Coating thickness: 1,000Å~2μm
Minimum order quantity: 25 pieces for 4"φ~12"φ wafers

Lead time: 3 weeks

Film Removal

Oxide Strip Service is available in addition to Thin Film Creation Service.
After oxide strip, wafers are cleaned by Megasonic RCA cleaning to remove particles and contamination and then, they are dried by Marangoni dryer.

Minimum order quantity: 50 pieces for 4"φ ~ 8"φ wafers
25 pieces for 12"φ wafers

Lead time: 3 weeks