Soluble Cutting & Grinding Oil Solution

T Coolant

Soluble cutting & grinding machining oil are used in the process of cutting and grinding various materials using the lathe, machining center, or grinding machine.
TAK Materials’ T coolant (TM-1, TM-2, TM-3, TM-4) are environment & hygiene friendly “soluble cutting & grinding oil solution” suitable for the precision processing of such materials as glass, silicon, ceramics, cemented carbide tools, etc.
In addition, TAK Materials Corporation supplies T coolant TM-10 additive agent, which will help in reducing the consumption of cerium oxide whose price has been increasing due to the current global problem of rare earth supply as well as improving the machining speed.

Appearance of TM-1
Left: Appearance of undiluted solution
Right: Appearance of 20 times diluted solution