Message from the Management

TAK Materials Corporation

All of the electrical household appliances which support our life, office equipment which support corporate activities, manufacturing equipment in the plants, lighting in the buildings and streets, telecom equipment and railroad which form the basic social infrastructure, etc. are operated by electricity. Therefore, it is not too much to say that electricity, or electric energy is indispensable to our modern life.

Today, electric energy is obtained by nuclear, thermal, or hydraulic power generation. In the nuclear and thermal power generation, uranium and fossil fuel such as coal, petroleum and natural gas are used. However, reserves of these natural resources are limited and we will be confronted with depletion of these energy resources sooner or later. In addition, thermal power generation using fossil fuel releases carbon dioxide gas, which is suspected as a cause of global warming.

What gets into world limelight as Savior to solve the two problems of energy resources depletion and global warming at the same time is power generation by means of the photovoltaic cell which utilizes limitless sunlight energy and releases no carbon dioxide. The material used for most of the photovoltaic cells which are currently in practical use is silicon. Silicon exists as the second most abundant element by weight in the earth, being exceeded only by oxygen and thus, it does not have a depletion problem.

Since our establishment in 1996, we have been supplying semiconductor silicon that is essential to fabricating semiconductor devices which contribute to energy-saving by being incorporated in electric and electronic apparatus and silicon raw material and auxiliary materials that are used to produce semiconductor silicon. Also we have been supplying expendable parts developed by ourselves, which are used during the operation of semiconductor silicon production equipment and semiconductor device fabrication equipment. In addition, since 2001, we have been selling photovoltaic cells which are manufactured using the recycled silicon wafers. So the main products we deal in are associated with the fabrication of semiconductor devices and photovoltaic cells that meet the requirements of the times for energy-saving and solving the problem of global warming and therefore, it is expected that demand for the products we deal in will steadily increase.

We would like to contribute to our society through our activities of exploiting new materials and parts by making the most of our broad domestic and overseas personal relationships we have developed to date while endeavoring to expand our current business of dealing in silicon-related materials and expendable parts.